Beginners Guide to KG Plastering

Environment is an important factor that plays a huge rule in almost everything that we do, especially since people have started becoming more and more aware about ozone depletion and climate change. People these days try to use environmentally friendly products as much as they can, regardless of what the product may be.

matching drywall to plaster wallsEven in plastering people try to go for KG plastering which is also known as lime plastering. Lime plastering is made up of water, sand, and lime. This combination makes it completely eco friendly. However, there is more to KG plastering than that. If you want to know more about it, then do make sure that you go through this beginners guide to KG plastering.

KG plaster has found its application in a lot of home exteriors. They are used as a base material in the construction of homes. KG Lime Plastering has various benefits which will be discussed in this article. If you want the perfect finish, then what you need is KG plastering.

There are many different companies and contractors out there who will be willing to install KG plastering in your home. However, before choosing or hiring any contractor make sure that you ask them to take all the safety precautions as KG or simply lime plastering can also be very harmful if it is not used in a safe manner.

KG Lime Plastering is alkaline in nature as it consists of slaked lime. When you use it without wearing any protective gear, there is a high chance that it could possibly burn your skin and do much worse. So a lot of caution and care is required when you are dealing with the installation of KG lime plastering.