The 6 Best Children Books For Pride Season

Embracing your inner beauty and identity is very important for everyone, regardless of their age, after all age is just a number. To all those celebrating the pride season, this article is for them. Basically it contains a list and review of some of the amazing books that you can read to your children in the pride season.

#1 Julián Is A Mermaid

If you are looking for a magical and beautiful book to read to your child then this is the book you need. It teaches the readers to accept oneself and be happy. The story follows a boy named Julian who loves mermaids so much that he himself wanted to be one so he dressed as a mermaid. The book is a good read and has the best artwork, perfect for your child.

#2 Bunnybear

The book Bunnybear is ideal for both children and adults. It follows the story of a bear who just does not feel right being a bunny, but when he is around bunnies he feels at ease. The book teaches use about embracing our true identities and being happy with it. It is the perfect book for the pride season that you need in your bookshelves.

#3 Red: A Crayon’s Story

Getting labeled that do not represent us is something that no one wants to go through. The book Red: A Crayon’s Story follows the story of mislabeled crayon. He is labeled as red but he does not feel right that way, but in the end when he finds good friends he is able to accept himself for who he truly is. The book tells us how being in the right company can make us happy and help us in accepting who we truly are.

#4 Baby’s First Words

For diverse and proud families, this is the perfect book. Not only is this book full of colors and cut out tabs that are ideal for teaching children, it also holds great value and an even better story. The book tells a story of a family of three which includes two dads, one black and one brown. They have a baby daughter that they raise with all the love and care in the world and is learning to say her very first words. It is one of the best books that represents the pride community.

#5 The Boy & The Bindi

Like all the other books, this book also follows the theme of acceptance and self-love. The story is about a Hindu boy who falls in love with a bindi that is worn by her mother. Though her mother tells her to explore and find his inner self and accept himself for who he truly is.

#6 From The Stars In The Sky To The Fish In The Sea

From the stars in the sky to the fish in the sea is a book that follows the story of Miu Lan, who is a magical child that can change to any gender, form, shape, and being. Anything that can be dreamt of Miu Lan can turn into it.