Choosing The Best Trekking Poles

Hiking is a great way to escape from everyday redundant lifestyle and enjoy some quality moments admiring the beauty of our nature. Trekking provides us with stress relief and the much needed peace of mind.

trekking stickBut trekking is not easy. It can lead to sore feet and a range of other related problems. This is where the trekking poles come in. They can help improve our stability and give use the needed extra confidence achieve our trekking goals. People used to think that trekking poles are just meant for old folks, but this isn’t true anymore. Most of the experienced hikers use these poles to reap their benefits.


Here are some advantages of trekking poles.

  • These poles can help you easily increase your stability when trekking.
  • They bear most of the stress and keep your joints unsafe from its consequences. When coming downhill, using trekking poles can absorb up to 30% of the impact.
  • These help you propel forward. Just use them as if you were skiing!
  • When you’re supporting your body with these poles, they will help you stand upright and straight. This means less stress on your back.
  • You can also pitch your tent with the help of these poles. So, you can leave the heavy poles in your house and use trekking poles instead.

Important Features

Here are some of the best features to consider when buying the best trekking poles.

  • Choosing between one or two poles option depends solely on your personal preference. Generally, hikers use one pole for short distances, and two poles for longer distances.
  • Flick and twist locks are the two types of locks present to help you lock or unlock your adjustable trekking pole. Flick locks work seamlessly with gloves, so, go for them in winter trekking. Twist locks are perfect for summer.