Core Features of Kodi That Render It Different From Others

Kodi is a free media player software which renders anyone a free license to create any changes in the software in order to improve the design and performance. The software is designed for various operating systems and features a 10-foot user interface so that the software is accessible on the television by a remote. Kodi Builds Difference

The basic purpose of Kodi is to let the users stream media including audio, video, podcasts from the internet. Following are various core components of Kodi that have turned it one of the most desired softwares.

Live TV

The Live TV feature allows the user to watch some, if not all, TV broadcasts that is transmitted by either cable or internet streaming; depending upon the plug-in an individual as chosen. For version 12.0, Kodo has features that enables the user to video capture, while certain addons also render the facility to playback to and from the harddisk and these addons are separately installed as plugins.

Video Playback

The video playback features has two key components; video library and video player cores. While the video library enables the use to search their video content by virtue of titles, genres and actors, the video player deals with the running of DVD-video movies and the core generally supports all typical video formats.

Audio Playback

Apart from playing videos with ease and convenience, Kodi also renders hassle-free audio streaming all thanks to its mighty music library which has curated a variety of music that can be streamed, downloaded along with fan arts and album covers which a person can use as their desktop or mobile wallpaper.


After a development process that began in 2013, the best kodi builds have now made it possible the access to an infinite games manager library. The GUI front-end launcher provides wide information about various games and also keep track of a user’s progress in terms of levels, number of lives and rewards won.