How Long to Recover From Lasik

There is a tendency among most people to want instant results after a surgery, but in most cases you’d need to wait a few weeks before you can see any kind of improvement. This is generally true for eye surgeries more than anything else because of the fact that your eyes would need to adjust to the new normal, so it’s important to not be impatient otherwise you might accidentally do something that would impede the recovery of your ocular organs at the end of the day.

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One of the most common eye procedures that the patients who go to LaserCare Eye Center ask for is Lasik due to the reason that it can make their vision absolutely perfect for the very first time. Quite a few Lasik patients see results the very next day, but suffice it to say that many others would need to wait at least three weeks before the results become truly pronounced. During the recovery period, it is crucial that you attend regular consultation sessions with your ophthalmologist so that they can monitor you and make you aware of any potential problems that are liable to occur.

If you notice any blurriness in your vision following the completion of a Lasik procedure, just know that this is all part of the process. Three to six weeks is the average recovery time for full ocular healing, so it’s best to not stress out until this period has elapsed. Your doctor will likely prescribe eye drops to reduce intraocular pressure, and if you use them with a high degree of regularity your vision will normalize much faster than might have otherwise ended up being the case.