How Much Do DUI Lawyers Charge?

Hiring a lawyer is all well and good, but if you are the type of person that does not have a lot of cash at their disposal you might be a little bit worried about whether or not your lawyer would truly be able to do what they promised as you would have limited funds with which to pay them. In spite of the fact that this is the case, in situations where you might have committed a crime such as driving under the influence, you might need to hire a lawyer regardless of your financial position so it is important to note that there is a wide range of ways in which a lawyer might attempt to figure out what fees they should ideally be charging.

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When you talk to a DUI lawyer in Seattle, would most likely want to charge you on an hourly basis at the end of the day. This would result in them figuring out what kind of case you are actually asking them to fight on your behalf, and they would get adequate compensation in a situation where your case might require a lot more of their time than they had initially anticipated.

The best lawyers would charge by the hour, but they often let you pay for several hours in advance and give you a bulk discount. For example, if you pay for 60 hours this would result in them dedicating 5 days of 12 hours each to your case. This is usually more than enough for a DUI claim and it can result in you getting a bit of a discount too if you pay for everything up front rather than drawing it out.