How to Make Iced Coffee With Nespresso

Nespresso has more or less revolutionized the manner in which people can create amazing espresso based drinks at home, and there is a pretty good chance that you can try them out to change your morning routine as well. Most people tend to prefer hot coffees when they are using Nespresso pods, but suffice it to say that cold coffees can be a great way to break out of your comfort zone as well. This is because of the fact that iced coffees have a vastly different flavor to them, one that can’t be replicated with any other kinds of techniques at all.

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If you want to buy some top notch Nespresso pods, CoffeeShan should be your first and only destination. This is because of the fact that they can give you a level of variety that few if any other stores can measure up to, and thanks to this variety you can select a flavor that is right up your alley. Making iced coffee with Nespresso is startlingly easy, mostly because it’s simpler than using an espresso machine for something similar to this.

In order to make an iced coffee with Nespresso, first add your ice to a glass. Chilling the glass in the freezer can be a great way to maintain temperatures and prevent the coffee from getting warm too quickly. After adding the ice, push the button on the machine and extract around 40ml of coffee from the pods. This is the ideal amount because anything more than this might make the drink too bitter. Be careful not to add too little either since that might make your coffee taste flat and potentially even bland.