Midi Keyboard Using Tips

Every artist has his own views about midi keyboard. Some consider it their ultimate companion, while others count it as just another instrument. Midi keyboards do not produce sound by themselves, but rather send digital signals to your computer or smartphone to record what you play. You can think of a midi keyboard like a piano, but without speakers.

names of musical instruments a-z with picturesIf you are wondering how to use your new midi keyboard, here are some of the best tips to help you use it properly after getting a MIDI controller.

Connect It With a Device

Depending on the model of your midi keyboard, you will have either a USB, MIDI, or both of these connectors to connect the keyboard to your computer. You can’t even connect the midi keyboard to your smartphone or tablet when outside your studio.

After connecting your midi keyboard to your computer, you will have to set up your digital audio workstation or DAW. You can download various applications for this purpose.

Pick The Best Software

If you prefer connecting your midi keyboard to your computer, you will have to find the best software for this purpose. While there are lots of different software available in the market, you should choose the best one if you want to produce quality music.

A good rule of thumb is trying free trials of a software before starting to use it regularly.

Use All The Features

Once you’re done setting up the software and hardware of your new midi keyboard, it’s finally time to explore all of its different features.

While the keys will intrigue you the most, there are many other parts of a keyboard as well. Other features can be used to control the midi keyboard in the best way possible.

You can check out features like knobs, pads, faders, buttons, screen, and other controllers.