Steel Vs Ceramic Honing Rod, Which One is The Best Option?

While good quality kitchen knives are really expensive these days, none of them are invincible. As the knife continues to be used for daily kitchen tasks in the long run, it’s blade loses its sharpness, and the knife needs honing every now and then. Horning keeps the knife sharp, and helps you in cutting and slicing different things easily Without investing in a new knife.

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This is where Horning rods come in. These rods make it easy to sharpen your knife quickly when you have to cook a meal. However, honing rods are made out of different materials like ceramic and steel, and you will have to choose the right material in order to get the best results out of your purchase. You can also read about ceramic rod vs steel honing rod for more information on the topic.

Steel Honing Rods

Steel is one of the most frequently used materials in the making of honing rods. The rods made out of steel are usually thin and Long as compared to the rods made out of other materials.

Many cooks prefer these because they can resist trusting of your knife, and can sharpen the knife easily. Lots of steel honing rods are also magnetized, which makes the knife sharpening process even easier.

Ceramic Honing Rods

Honing rods made out of ceramic material work by shaving off a small portion of the blade of your knife to sharpen it effectively.

Ceramic honing rods are actually not that effective for sharpening your knife, but can keep the knife sharpened enough during a honing session involving steel honing rods.

Ceramic rods are also a bit smoother, and never over-sharpen your kitchen knife. These rods are also very delicate, and should be used with precaution.

So, steel is the real winner here, and you should definitely use steel honing rods to sharpen your knife.