What Can a Periodontist Do For Bone Loss

As a result of a severe gum infection you can lose bone and it can make you tooth less and that is something which people face often, the reasons behind this severe issue can be very different but it usually comes down to our negligence and not taking care of oral health, but when we are faced with such situation there is only a periodontist surgeon who can help, it may not always require a serious invasive surgery but they are ones who are expert at dealing with such issue and you should not contact any regular dentist and if they are true to their profession they would always recommend a specialist and that is a periodontist.

periodontist dentist

When you have lost a bone as a result of a severe gum infection what a periodontist would do is make small incisions in your gum which will help lift the gum tissue back up and it will be easier for them to effective in scaling and root planning which is what they do in such cases, this might seem like minor thing but the pain is excruciating and you have to get it right, I have read pieces from some of the top periodontists and their major complain is that patients come to them when the damage has already been done and a visit to just any dentist has made it worst and then even the best periodontist would struggle to make things right and it will not only cause you a lot of pain but it will take double the time.

Periodontist in Pacific Beach who helped me out in case of bone loss made it very clear to me that is something that should be taken seriously even if the pain is not immediate and I have been very responsible about my oral health ever since.